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Battle for Anbar Province

Anbar Province, located in western Iraq, is composed mostly of Sunni tribes. During the Iraq War (2003-2011) this was the site of fierce fighting between Coalition forces (mostly U.S. Marines) and the Sunni militia and insurgent groups. The "Anbar Awakening" turned the tide against the insurgents and restored some security to the province. However, with the ever-increasing marginalization of Sunni politicians by the Shite-dominated central Iraqi government, lack of services, renege of promises to "The Sons of Iraq", and discrimination against Sunnis the province once again revolted. ISIS (later called the Islamic State) hyjacked the revolt. Currently (as of early 2015) government forces still hold some garrisons and urban centers but it appears that the Islamic State fighters are slowly continuing their advance to securing most of the province.

News Reports on Fighting in Anbar Province

February 23, 2015. "Islamic State continues to advance in Iraq's Anbar province". The Long War Journal. The Islamic State is maintaining the initiative against Iraqi forces in Anbar as it presses an offensive in the eastern part of the province.



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