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Below you will find news reports listed in chronological order (most recent on top) that cover the Iraq conflict between Sunni and Shia (and the Kurds) during 2014.

December 29, 2014. "Degrading and Defeating ISIL". By John Allen, DIPNOTE - U.S. Department of State Official Blog. Gen Allen explains U.S. and international strategy against ISIL.

December 28, 2014. "In Battle to Defang ISIS, U.S. Targets Its Psychology". The New York Times. MG Michael K. Nagata, head of a task force to battle ISIS, has commissioned a special study group to develop an understanding of ISIS.

December 26, 2014. "Islamic State Fighters are Moving Ever Closer Towards Israel". Middle East Forum.

November 2014. "Defeating ISIS", Policy Innovation Memoradum No. 51, Council on Foreign Relations, by Max Boot.

November 6, 2014. "Why American support for Kurdistan could soon become a matter of life and death". By Lela Gilbert, Fox News. There are over one million refugees in Kurdistan - many Kurds, but also Christians, Turkmen, Yazidis, and others - that will soon see their suffering increase dramatically with the onset of winter. Kurdistan is one region of the Middle east that has been a loyal ally of the United States yet the U.S. seems to ignore the Kurds plight.

October 31, 2014. "Is Gen. John Allen in over His Head?". Fortuna's Corner.

October 23, 2014. "Kurds, Christians, and Barbarians at the Gate", by Lela Gilbert, Hudson Institute. ISIS has been ". . . especially notorious for its wanton expulsion of Christians from Iraq's war-torn countryside".

October 21, 2014. "U.S., Iraq planning offensive by Iraqi forces to reclaim territory from Islamic State". The Washington Post. Offensive not to start for several months.

October 21, 2014. "New Iraqi Defense Minister Vows to Probe Army Debacle in IS Assault". Defense News.

October 21, 2014. "Ambushes, Mines and Booby Traps: ISIS Militants Change Tack". NPR Parallels.

October 14, 2014. "ISIS Advances on Baghdad". U.S. News and World Report.

October 6, 2014. "How to Defeat ISIL? The Governance Problem". Breaking Defense.

October 2, 2014. "Kurdish fighters haven't received weapons, training from U.S., allies". The Denver Post & Nation World.

October 1, 2014. "Gen. Allen: Could take years to train rebels". The Hill. General Allen says to manage expectations on standing up an effective anti-ISIS force in Syria.

September 19, 2014. "Syrian Kurds, Arabs flee toward Turkey border as Islamic State advances". The Washington Post. The latest ISIS offensive displaces thousands.

September 12, 2014. "At the Kurdistan Front". Middle East Forum.

September 11, 2014. "Report: Retired Marine Gen. Allen to coordinate allied response to ISIS". The Hill. General Allen has worked extensively in the Middle East.

September 8, 2014. "In Search of a Strategy", The New Yorker, by Steve Coll.

September 2, 2014. "Yazidis tell harrowing tales of torture, mass killings and abduction as they flee Islamic State". Stars and Stripes.

September 2, 2014. "A broad approach to countering the Islamic State". The Washington Post. The authors state that first the Islamic State has to be overmatched conventionally forcing them to fight as guerrillas; and then the government needs to adopt three COIN concepts critical to success.

August 28, 2014. "Chaos in Iraq: Are the Kurds Truly Set to Win?" By Winston Harris posted on Small Wars Journal.

August 26, 2014. "U.S. relies on Persian Gulf bases for airstrikes in Iraq". The Washington Post.

August 26, 2014. "No more surprises? ISIS Achilles' heel is defending what it has won". CNN World.

August 19, 2014. "Young Kurdish fighters learn on the job, and on the front line". Fox News. The new Peshmerga is not as experienced as the Peshmerga from 10 or 20 years ago. The new Soldiers require better equipment and more training.

August 14, 2014. "How to Defeat ISIL". By Bing West, National Review.

August 13, 2014. "Pentagon: Mass evacuation of Yazidis in Iraq unlikely". CNN World News. Number remaining on mountain is in low thousands.

August 13, 2014. "SAS sent in to Iraq as US troops land on Mount Sinjar". The Telegraph. SAS has been on the ground for at least six weeks.

August 12, 2014. "In Iraq/Syria Conflict, the Islamic State Leverages International Community's Self-Imposed Boundaries", Council of Foreign Relations.

August 11, 2014. "Iraq: Understanding the ISIS Offensive Against the Kurds". By Kenneth M. Pollack, Brookings Institute.

August 11, 2014. Iraq: The Right, but a High-Risk, Strategy, by Anthony H. Cordesman, Center for Strategic & International Studies. The U.S. is edging closer to the correct strategy but says it is the least bad option.

August 10, 2014. "How Do We Protect the Kurds? Like We did in 1991". Cicero Magazine. Chris Miller says, compared to Operation Provide Comfort, helping out this time should be easy.

August 8, 2014. Can this really be happening in the modern world? by Lela Gilbert. The author outlines the horrendous treatment of Christians in Iraq by the Islamic State.

August 8, 2014. "Iraq welcomes US aid to stranded civilians". Associated Press. Two C-130s and one C-17 drop 8,000 MREs for almost 40,000 Yazidis refugees stranded on Sinjar Mountain.

August 7, 2014. "Obama Allows Limited Airstrikes on ISIS". The New York Times. An ISIS artillery gun emplacement firing near Erbil (Kurd capital) is attacked by US aircraft.

August 7, 2014. "Quick Thoughts on the (Domestic) Legal Basis for Air Strikes in Iraq". Lawfare Blog.

August 7, 2014. "Preventing a Slaughter in Iraq". The New York Times. The NYT provides an editorial encouraging action by President Obama to aid the Yazidis and Kurds.

August 7, 2014. Statement on Iraq. Department of State. Explanation on the authorization of targeted military action and humanitarian assistance by the U.S.

July 29, 2014. "The ISIS Caliphate's Frightening First Month". The Daily Beast.

July 24, 2014. "Iraq's Kurds want U.S. help to hold off Islamic State extremists". The Washington Post. Iraqi government is withholding funds from Kurds.

July 23, 2014. "House panel: US missed chances to head off Islamic State". Stars and Stripes. Air strikes in early 2014 could have prevented the taking of major cities by the rebels.

July 22, 2014. "The last Christians in Iraq". Fox News. Lela Gilbert writes on the plight of Christians persecuted by ISIS in the Mosul area of Iraq.

July 21, 2014. "Iraqi Ambassador: US Should Begin Airstrikes in Iraq Now". Defense News.

July 20, 2014. "After Mosul: The Collapse of the Iraqi Military and What it Says about Iraq". By Jeff Collins in Small Wars Journal.

July 20, 2014. "Concern and Support for Iraqi Christians Forced by Militants to Flee Mosul". The New York Times.

July 20, 2014. "A surge of fighters into Iraq and Syria stokes worry about plots targeting US". Stars and Stripes.

July 20, 2014. "Proud Sunni neighborhood writhes under Iraq's Shiite security forces". LA Times.

July 19, 2014. "Bombings in Iraq's capital kill at lest 27 people". Stars and Stripes. Sunnis explode vehicle bombs in Baghdad killing civilians.

July 19, 2014. "Under threat, Iraq's Christians flee city of Mosul". Stars and Stripes. Told to convert to Islam or die, Christians flee to the Kurdish zone.

July 18, 2014. "Why Obama should send several thousand U.S. troops back to Iraq". The Washington Post. Michael O'Hanlon thinks U.S. troops can make a difference with the use of Special Operations Force teams conducting targeted strikes and the introduction of small 12-man Security Force Assistance teams similar to the Security Force Assistance mission in Afghanistan.

July 18, 2014. "New Islamic Caliphate Declares Jihad on . . . Muslims". Middle East Forum.

July 10, 2014. "The Coming War with the Caliphate", by Gary Anderson, Small Wars Journal.

June 29, 2014 "Iraq crisis: Fresh clashes over Tikrit". BBC News Middle East. Government forces attempt to retake Tikrit from Sunni rebels but fail.

June 29, 2014. "After Years Off-Stage, Iraq's Sistani Takes Charge". The New York Times. The highest cleric issues a fatwa.

June 26, 2014. "Iraqi Kurdistan's New Security Challenges". The Jamestown Foundation.

June 20, 2014. "War Without End: Why Iraq Can Never be a Stable Democracy". Forbes.com. Five reasons why Iraq will never be peaceful.

June 18, 2014. "Special Forces free Western oilmen surrounded by Isis". The Times.

June 17, 2014. "Iraq conflict: Kurds will not help retake Mosul". BBC News.

June 17, 2014. "US may send advisory troops to Iraq". The Boston Globe. Special Forces troops may perform advisory duties.

June 15, 2014. "Captured Iraqi soldiers murdered by militants". The Guardian.

June 15, 2014. "Islamist assault on Iraq threatens Mideast as whole, experts warn". Stars and Stripes. Iraq's sectarian meltdown threatens the borders established by Europeans more than a century ago.

June 15, 2014. "Lawmakers, retired military officers say US should help Iraq fend off insurgents". Stars and Stripes.

June 14, 2014. "John Nagl, Washington Post: Iraq reflects failed endgame". Waco Tribune. A veteran of Iraq and COIN expert expounds upon the current situation in Iraq.

June 14, 2014. "Iraq: The real battle is to persuade Sunnis they can be truly equal citizens". The Guardian.

June 13, 2014. "Obama says no combat troops to Iraq; U.S. weighs airstrikes". CNN.

June 9, 2014. "Insurgents in Iraq overrun Mosul provincial government headquarters". Reuters. In the fourth day of fighting for Iraq's second largest city the insurgents made some significant gains. The Iraqi army is reported to be demoralized and lacking good leadership.


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